Sunday, March 30, 2008

Still snowing here

We had to improvise a little on our Saturday plans. We had every intention of going up to Mt. Spokane to strap some skis on Hudson & see what he thought. We were up early, lunches packed, met up with our friends Tricia, Ryan, Cole, & Cameron to rent skis for the boys.... then we found out the road was closed & so was the mountain due to high winds. Keep in mind it was 9am. So we decided to go sledding at Holmberg park. This was a good choice since Spokane had just received some new fallen snow the night before (it's almost April, nothing like a snowy spring break). The kids had fun & we all spent a little energy climbing up and down the hill.

Hudson's first sledding adventure

Ravenna & Cameron
Notice how their gloves are taped to their jackets, a wonderful suggestion from Tricia.

Get going daddy!

Cole, Tricia & Cameron

A little dog pile on Hudson's bed

Mei Mei & Wenzie
Hudson calls Ravenna Mei Mei (little sister in Chinese)

Holding hands walking to the car. He is such a good big brother, he always holds her hand.

It's very sweet!

She can't believe it's snowing, nor can I

Checking out baby Delaney Christoff

Looking at Nana's charm bracelet

Here is a sneak peak of Hudson's signing in Chinese. He usually stops when I whip out the camera. Sorry for the seat in the picture, keep in mind I was driving as well. I know terrible, but I am a good multi-tasker. Hope you enjoy, we think it's hilarious! Hudson is doing so well. I often wonder what he thinks about all these new experiences.

On Friday my girlfriends had a shower for Hudson/play day for all the kids at Jump -n- Play. Thank you ladies for all the gifts & coming to celebrate Hudson. I think all the kids had fun too. Hudson was in heaven!

Hudson & Sami Zandt

Ravenna loving baby Delaney. She is her new favorite toy whenever she is around.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter at the Byrd's

We have been having a great first week home. Hudson is doing very well. His sleeping is getting better each night. Ravenna & her brother are doing what siblings do. They play together, hold hands, and don't share at times. It has been fun to watch them interact. I will say it is busier with 2, but I don't find it hard. As soon as I get my routine figured out things should go a little smoother. I am finding it tricky to get out of the house by 10. So I am trying to improve upon the morning routines.
Easter weekend was lots of new experiences for the kids & much fun. We went to my sister & brother in laws for one Easter egg hunt with cousins & neighbor kids. Then we had our friends Kristie & Robbie Christoff over with their little daughter Delaney. We watched WSU win & move on the "Sweet Sixteen". On Sunday the kids woke up to their Easter egg baskets & then we went outside for the big hunt. Hudson loved it, Ravenna took a little coaxing. Then we headed to my in-laws till about 3:30, and finally over to my parents. Hudson was able to meet lots of his new family members. Hope you enjoy the slide show. We are so glad to be home!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

We're home!

Here he is & he couldn't be happier about it!
Ravenna giving her new brother some kisses.

Stephan so excited to see little Ravenna & she was so excited to was very cute!
After such an event we forgot about the potty, so we did it China style (whenever, wherever).

Loves from Aunty Mimi (Aimee Plese)

Laughing with Uncle Dick

Hi Grandpa!

Oh how wonderful it was to see this little one! I can't put it into words!

Thank you, thank you to all who came & to those who have followed along such a special journey for us. A special thank you to Emily, Tracy & Candi for taking all the pictures & getting them to me so fast.

They held hands the whole way home in the car.
Ravenna was & still is fascinated with Hudson's little fingers on his right hand. The car seat was no problem at all, that was a relief.

Checking out things in his new room with the help of his sister. Check out those muscly legs.

Dinner time thanks to grandma & grandpa having dinner in the oven for us when we got home.

Bath time together, the first of many.

Hudson did so well today. He was perfect at the airport, home, & playing with his sister. He is having a hard time going to sleep right now though. Better go and check on him!
Love to you all & thrilled to be home!
A special thank you to my parents for taking care of Ravenna while we were gone from her. Knowing she was in such good hands was very important and reassuring. Also a thank you to my in-laws who helped with Ravenna as well. She is so lucky to have them both so close & so involved. As well as those who also watched her while we were away. What a fabulous feeling to know how loved she is by so many people & we know Hudson will be as well. We are so fortunate to live near so many irreplaceable family & friends here in Spokane. How lucky we are, thanks again!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Our last day in China....yeah!

Goodbye we come Spokane!
Who knew this Lego toy had 37 little pieces. I don't read Chinese. Stephan was real pleased, we'll see how long it lasts.

Toys, toys & more toys. Since most toys are made here, I shouldn't be surprised at the mass amounts of them.....well I was.

Hudson & mommy at the enormous toy mall.

Happy Easter display at the White Swan. How about those gold bunnies, kind of Willy Wonkaish.

This will be my last post from China...yeah! It has been such a wonderful experience bonding & getting to know little Hudson, but we are ready to introduce him to our life in the states. Hudson & I went to the the toy mall this morning. Stephan opted out...can you believe it? Hudson did awesome! I was a little concerned how he might act in there with all the toys. He was a perfect little child. Didn't really touch anything & didn't ask for anything either. We finally settled on a little Lego guy with lots of pieces & a Transformer (his cousin Samuel loves them, so how could we go wrong?). He carried them in his own sack & couldn't wait to tear into them with Stephan once we got back to the room.
We also had our U.S. consulate appointment this afternoon everything went smooth. We raised our right hand, swore to take care of Hudson, and got his passport with his US visa. Now we have all the necessary documents to come back to the USA. It's been a wonderful trip, one we won't forget!
Can't wait to see all our friends & family at the airport! Love you & see you soon!
Loves & kisses to Ravenna!
Love the Byrd's

Sunday, March 16, 2008


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We have had a busy day: learned how to stack some blocks & share with others in the play room at the White Swan, went to the local fish market, got scared by the frogs, saw some turtles, alligators, scorpions, ate some sugar cane, had a nap, went to the Pearl Market (oh the pearls, lots & lots of pearls), rode a bike & ended the day with a Pearl River boat cruise. Hudson is now sweet. We have had him one week today & what a change. We love him so much & feel so lucky each time we think of our 2 chinese blessings. Can't wait for him to experience all the opportunities the USA has to offer.

One more full day left & then we leave bright and early Wed. morning.

One day closer to home, loves & kisses to Ravenna for us!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Day at the Zoo

We had a great day at the Guangzhou Zoo. The weather was perfect about 76 degrees & just the right amount of humidity. Hudson LOVED the zoo! He was running to see all the animals & was doing his best at repeating the english name of each one. It was more fun for us to watch his reaction than the animals themselves. He walked the whole way. We haven't had a stroller to put him in and I was a little concerned for today, but he did awesome. All the families had a good time I think. Our guide Rebecca then took us to a local dumpling house for some lunch. The meal was wonderful & Hudson lasted until we got back to the White Swan & but he is now crashed out.

We may go to the Fish Market after he wakes up, not sure yet. I am really craving some American food. We have held out this long, but I think tonight we will order some pizza. Tomorrow we wait to hear how our paperwork is looking at the Consulate & then in the afternoon we are going shopping. I think we are going to the Pearl Market (Colie I'll get your earrings for you). If anyone has any pearl requests please let me know by email asap. Then tomorrow night we take a Pearl River boat cruise. They do a laser light show & light up all the buildings along the's actually pretty neat to see. Hudson should enjoy it. We spoke with my parents this morning & they were headed up to Aunty Lala's to pick up Ravenna. Thanks Lala & Danny for playing with her. Mom & dad we will call tomorrow morning.

Hope you enjoy the slide show & that you are all doing well. I put he animal pictures in there mostly for the kids viewing this blog. We are so excited to come home. Loves & kisses to Ravenna for us!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Medical Check up

Hudson had his medical check up today. He got a clean bill of health and only shed a few tears. He is 35 lbs. & 38" tall. His 3T clothes are fitting perfectly as well as the 2 pairs of shoes I brought him. He doesn't like his thongs. We will have to work on that before we head to Mexico next month.
We are doing some paperwork items this afternoon with our guide & then going out to dinner with some of the other families. At breakfast this morning we saw so many families with their new adopted children. These children a so sweet and you can just tell how happy they are to be loved.
We are one more day closer to coming home....yeah!!
Loves & kisses to Ravenna

At the White Swan Hotel

Checking out the Dr.....a little unsure

Not a fan of the ENT check up

Healthy Hudson!

Goodbye Wuhan

There is a little video for Ravenna at the bottom!
Hudson's first flight 3.14.08...goodbye Wuhan!
So many planes to watch at the airport he can't keep track of them all

A little game of Chinese chess. Take a look at that board....I think it has seen a few games.

This man was going door to door trying to sell his fresh vegetables.

A typical alley way in China.

They always maximize their loads here. This is some kind of makeshift side car/truck motorcycle.

Drying a little laundry by the side of a busy road.

Goodbye Ivan! He has his new GU hat on.

We said goodbye to Wuhan & hello to Guangzhou. On the way we had to stop by the Public Safety building to pick up Hudson's passport. It wasn't ready so we took a little walk around the neighborhood (those are some of the pictures I have posted above). We were so grateful to our guide Ivan for all his services this past week. He was the best! He took us all the way to the security gate at the airport & then we had to say goodbye. Hudson did very well on the flight. Once we landed we were met by our new guide Rebecca. She has a lot of energy & is going to keep us busy with something every day. That is good though, as it makes the time go by. On the way to the White Swan Hotel I had a feeling of relief. I was telling it Stephan it must just be seeing something familiar & knowing what to expect. I am glad to be in Guangzhou & on Shamian Island (our little bubble of a world here in China). We went for a walk around & then had dinner at the Cow and Bridge Thai restaurant.
Tomorrow we go for Hudson's medical exam & then out to dinner with other families adopting through Small World. We tried to find a calling card but were unsuccessful, so we'll figure something out tomorrow.

Hudson is now counting his fingers (up to five) in English & trying more & more words. We realized he only does this when he feels like it though. Tonight he mimicked me in saying parts of the body & "I love you". We are all pretty tuckered out, Stephan & Hudson are already asleep.
We still haven't been able to access the blog, but we are getting our email here. So I am able read everyone's comments on my email as well. I am just about to dive in and read them all. I am so excited to catch up. If you need anything directly please email us as well, since we now have access to it.
Oh! I just read all the comments you have all sent to our blog for the first time. I am so emotional. It means so much to hear such nice things from people we love, especially when we are so far away. There are some hilarious ones as dad & Robbie. Keep them coming we love them.
Thank you,
The Byrd's

Loves & kisses to Ravenna for us.