Friday, September 25, 2009


Downtown Leavenworth, WA
On a walk with Grandma

A view from our little Wenatchee Lake hike

Leavenworth has this crazy hat shop, so we took full advantage.

That's my guy!

No Bavarian town is complete without their own mountain goats.

We took a little day trip to Lake Chelan & just had to go swimming in the pretty blue water.

A stop by "Dry Falls" on the way home.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fun in Seattle!

We went to Seattle for the University of Idaho vs. University of Washington Football game. Our friends the Pool's let us stay with them in their gorgeous house on Lake Washington. Friday night we went out for a cruise around Mercer Island on Dave & Teri's boat. It was a beautiful sunset & a great night to be out on the water. Saturday morning we got an early start & boated to Husky stadium. I don't know many college stadiums you can boat to & then watch a game overlooking the water. The weather was perfect, actually down right hot! My Vandals lost, but gave the Huskies a good game. I was also able to convince my great friend Colie & her husband to drive up from Portland & join in on the fun. I have never been in Seattle & experienced such great weather....not much can beat that place when it's nice. A huge thank you to Matt & Shannon for such a fun weekend & my cousin Robbie for the tickets & side line passes to the game.

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A tradition I have when in Seattle is to visit Pike Place Market. Stephan has been sucked into a few of these excursions as now are my kiddos. I love watching the people & looking at all the beautiful flowers, produce, and wares people make. We also did the Seattle Aquarium, which was a first for all. Well worth the money and we went on a Monday so didn't have to fight the crowds. It was very interactive for the kids. They got to feel starfish, anemones, and shell fish. The seals were also a big hit. Then we headed a little south to Gig Harbor & stayed at the Gormley's for a night. The kids had so much fun playing together & we always share a few laughs as well. Great times in Seattle with good friends!

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Monday, September 7, 2009

End of summer fun!

Trading snacks with Emily.
Helen, mom & Pam.
Cigars on the porch.
Stephan & Hudson playing "Washoe".
My parents college friends from University of Idaho!
Playing tea party with Helen on the dock.
Ravenna, Caden & Hudson
Our nephew Max at his football game. He's so fun to watch!
Stephan, Danny, LeRoy & Rod at Max's game.
Max #22
Ann Marie, Aimee, Linda, Kim, Annette, Alex & Irene....Max's cheer squad.
Ravenna & Delaney
Hudson always ends up doing the hard work.
View of another beautiful sunset from our dock.
Heading out for a morning kayak.
A visit to the Priest Lake Museum.

Coolin Bay
View of Priest Lake from Coolin Mtn.

Dad & I heading out for a 4-wheeler ride up Coolin Mtn.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

He's up! Whoo hoo!

Getting Hudson ready to try the "surfboard". That is what he calls it. In reality it is a piece of plywood with a rope attached to it. This is what my dad learned to ski on before water skiing. We had kind of forgotten about it, until our neighbor brought down their old one. So with a little persuasion Hudson tried it.
He got up on his first try. Keep in mind we pull him behind our little "rin, tin, tin" aluminum boat with a 15 hp motor. I learned to ski behind the same boat. It's perfect for kids.

So proud of him!

There he goes....down and back & round again.

He's been everyday since he learned. He loves it & I'm so thankful. Ravenna on the other hand has no desire except to hold the flag in the boat.

Feeling pretty confident, so decided to wear his hat & shades. Looking good! He hasn't fallen yet, we shall see how he handles that. We are so proud of our little 4 year old! Way to go Hudson!