Monday, June 14, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend - the "Mad Hatters"!

We entered the 2010 Priest Lake Memorial Day Parade for two years in a row. We used to do this annually as a family when I was growing up. I decided it was time to bring some of my fondest Preist Lake memories back for my children to experience. Last year we were the Priest Lake Huckleberries & we were a little more organized. This year our them was the "Mad Hatters" chose at the last minute by my husband. We figured it was something easy & inexpensive so everyone would have to participate! Thank you to my great friend Korbie & her mom Carmen for letting us borrow a bunch of her hats. Well, guess who won for best theme? We did! We have a plaque to prove it. Every year our trailer is pulled by our 1968 Chevy truck, which we call "Old Blue". It is our huckleberry picking, kid hauler, dump run, lake truck & I LOVE IT, as does my husband. He volunteers to drive it in the parade every year. My grandpa & grandma bought it & my dad has kept it going all these years! The weather wasn't that great, but we had a great time anyways! Here's to the McCray family cabin aka the "Mad Hatters"!

I was a hard shelled crab & Stephan was a parrot.

My cute mom & dad!

My cousin Gavin & his sweet wife Koby.

Hudson with his Jurassic Park paleontologist hat. That is what he wants to be when he grows the hat was perfect.

Ravenna with her cow hat!

Ryder, Nolan, Ravenna, Hudson & Brayden
My Uncle him!

My cousin Colleen with her girls Charlotte, Brooke & Libby

The whole 2010 "Mad Hatter" parade crew

Ravenna & Delaney....she looks thrilled to be there....she really did have fun!

These are my two cousins: Alli & her daughter Lily, Erika & her daughters Emily & Lindsey
With my friend Kristie, her two daughters & Ravenna

Catching buggies on a rainy Memorial Day weekend at the lake.