Friday, November 21, 2008

A little glimpse

Here is to our first week in Whitefish. We have been: getting situated to our new "digs", been busy organizing things, joined the gym, trying to find a preschool for Hudson, and been walking a lot as our downtown location has been great for that. The kids have been great. Living in this little space makes us get out outside often. Stephan got a pass to Whitefish Mtn. this week. I plan on just seeing how things go with the little ones. It has started to get colder over & it snowed a little last night. Here comes the ski season. Happy Thanksgiving!

A view of the mountain from downtown.

We walk to the park & then get some hot cocoa to warm up.

Whitefish has all their Christmas decorations up.....I love it. It reminds me of a town in the 50's.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I've been tagged

My friend Stephanie tagged me to answer the following ?'s:

Ten years ago I:
-just graduated college from University of Idaho.
-bought a little condo on the lower south hill in Spokane. My first place.
-had been dating my future husband about 6 months. I got re-introduced to him while I was on a date with a friend of his from high school.
-was working in the construction supply industry getting sales experience.
-was driving my 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser & loving it.
-pretty sure I was trying to lose all the weight I had gained in college.

5 Things on todays list:
-get some cables to connect our DVD player.
-go to the park with the kids.
-check out pre-schools for Hudson.
-go to Target to get some birthday/Christmas presents.
-figure out what to have for dinner.

5 Things I would do if I was a millionare:
-I would pay off debt & my parents as well.
-I would hire a personal trainer, a chef & get facials/massages monthly.
-I would more children.
-I would travel a lot.
-I would find a charity to get involved in (probably something to do with orphanages in China).

Places I have lived:
-Bilbao, Spain,
-Albuquerque, NM
-San Diego, CA
-Eugene, OR
-Whitefish, MT

5 jobs I have had:
-day care at Sta-Fit Athletic Club
-delivery driver Safway Supply
-sales at B & J Industrial Supply
-reservations/front desk at San Diego Marriott Hotel & Marina
-pharmaceutical sales (Merck & Astrazeneca)
-mom to my 2 monkeys (most important one yet)

People I am tagging:
Colleen F. & Tiffany B.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Welcome to Montana

Lookout Pass....welcome to Montana!
You know you're in Montana when you get stopped for a cattle drive. There was one little cowboy on a horse, he couldn't have been older than 6. He gave me a tip of his cowboy cute!

Well we made it to Whitefish & are all unpacked. I am also back up on my computer. We have had a very long week, but glad it is over. We are settled in to our "little condo". The kids have adjusted wonderfully. They had a little trouble sleeping the first night, but last night went perfect. Stephan also got everything put together in his office. He is officing out of The Great Northern Brewery here in downtown Whitefish. It will be perfect as the brewery is only a couple blocks from our condo.
A special thank you to my parents for helping move & watching the kids so we could finish packing & cleaning. Also to Danny for helping move & shuttle some of the big items. Thank you, thank you!

Friday night auction

Last week was a busy one! We packed, moved, cleaned & rented our Spokane house. By the time Friday night rolled around we were in need of a little break. We went to the SAR auction with Vic, Aimee, Tim & Candi. Thanks Vic & Aim for inviting us. We had too much fun!

Vic, Aimee, Candi & Tim

My ladies!

I love this picture!

Here are the guys. As you can see, we packed Stephan's nice clothes. He had to put up with a few jokes that night.

We ended the night with dancing at Marquee (a new club downtown).

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Packing & more packing

For those of you who don't know, this Byrd family is heading to Whitefish, MT. Stephan needs to be over there for work, so instead of being apart we decided to pack up & rent our house in Spokane. We are going to see what the next year brings. Our goal is to be back in Spokane by the time Hudson starts school, so that would give us 3 years. We are excited for our new adventure, but a little hesitant moving into a 2 bed/ 2 bath condo we bought last year (not thinking we would ever be living there full time).
I now remember why moving is one of my least favorite things. The thought process that is involved when needing to decide what to put in storage, what to take to Whitefish, and what to leave at my parents house (for when we are back in Spokane) is overwhelming at times. I wish I could fast forward 2 weeks & be done with it all.
The kids have been very resourceful in finding new toys to play with, since all theirs are packed up (mistake #3. Don't pack the kids toys until the very end). The weather here has been pouring rain the past 5 days or so, which isn't helping matters.
On the bright side I am mastering the art of using a tape gun.

Ravenna sits in here as her Hudson pushes her around for hours on end.

Something about kids & boxes. I remember them being some of my favorite toys when I was a child, specifically the big ones like refrigerator/dishwasher boxes...those were the best.

He was in a dead sweat in his fleece pajamas pushing her around. So now he is in his underwear.

Aaaaahhhh! A welcomed break from packing. I had a little break & hit the half yearly with Tricia. It's not all doom & gloom around here.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fall, Football, & Friends

Fall brings the pretty leaves, crisp air, warm clothes, football & soccer games, and reasons to get together with family & friends.

Carrie & Baby Delaney Christoff

Sweet baby "Demo" Delaney

We spent some time at my friend Tara's house. Here is her son Grayson with the kids.

Hudson & Caden supporting their cousin Olivia at her soccer game.

At Quentin's football game with Aunty Ann & Delaney

Go "Q"! Quentin's eight grade all star game.

Daddy's girl!

The first big leaf rake in our yard.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat?

Happy Halloween!

The moon in our gorgeous maple tree in our yard.

Hudson at pre-school. They had a costume parade, pumpkin carving, & a pinata filled with candy. He had so much fun!

Ravenna went to watch Megan & Bridget's Halloween program at their school. This is our second year watching always guarantees some great laughs.

We spent Halloween at my friend Tricia's house. Here are Cameron, Avery, Cole, Brady, Ravenna & Hudson. Tricia made wonderful food & there were plenty of treats.

Checking out his "loot"
This was the scary house with the scary lady. The kids were not a big fan of this house. They are still talking about it this morning.

Ravenna had a hard time keeping up toward the end. Good thing daddy was there.

Our monkeys!