Friday, August 28, 2009

Time with the lake!

My parent's old college friends.

Love those Vandals

Dave, Brian & Stephan at Hill's Resort

Teri, me and Shannon for Shannon's birthday dinner

Kayaking to Soldier Creek

The monkeys swimming with Corey

Blake's 40th birthday party

Some great ladies at Blake's birthday party

Boating with Ron & his grandson Corbin

Ravenna & her godmother, Aunty Lala

Watching movies with little Corbin
Playing with Delaney

Kristie holding a sleeping baby "Demo"

Campfire time with the Oster boys
Roasting marshmallows
My long time friend Tara

Ryan & Cole

The Gaddis & Bowles family
Me, Tricia, Tara & her sister Andrea
Hudson loves to ride his hot wheel out on the dock
Ravenna got her hair cut!

Tricia & I at Twig's before our movie night

The kids at Anyan's river place.....the Laclede Hilton

Some of the kiddos on Alisha's dock
Time with "Lish"
Alisha, me, Tricia & Katie (one of my old Merck counterparts)
Lots of kiddos in Gloria & Seth's bedroom.....glued to a movie
The pirate party Gloria put on for the kids. She is the ultimate hostess!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lots of lake time

Be patient as there are lots of pictures with this post. Too many to choose from. That is what I get for waiting so long in between posts. We have not ventured far from Priest this summer. We did manage to visit a couple other lakes to see some friends. In between that we have had many visitors up here at our cabin. The pictures explain some of the highlights of our time up here the past couple weeks. The end of summer is near & I am sad. How I will miss my favorite season and living at the lake.

Doesn't this say summer?

Grandma's birthday present

3rd annual "FLIP FLOP LEMON DROP" party at the Pool's cabin. Hosted by the Shannon & Teri Pool as a fund raiser for Priest Lake EMT.

The bar & some of the ladies

"hammer head" game....harder than it looks

Shannon strutting her stuff/flip flops down the cat walk for the judges.
The "flower" girls doing their thing to sway the judges. her.
More huckleberry picking. This has been the best year up here for picking in a long time.
Showing off some of her hucks.
Eating rather than putting in the bucket.

Love this picture of Ravenna "kicking back" & Hudson blowing bubbles.
Baby "Demo" or Delaney comes to visit.

Delaney loves chairs....she is so stinkin cute.

My dad had some of his old Mead High football coaching staff up to the cabin with their families. Such a fabulous bunch of people. Always guaranteed fun with this group.

Luke introducing Hudson to Legos. He is now hooked. Why so many little, tiny pieces???

Thank goodness for this big porch. We were able to be outside even during all the rain.
The Russell triplets, Luke, Riley Jo& Toryn

Dad & his sister Aunt Joan caught in a down pour doing some light chores....moving dock logs.

Kennedy, Ravenna & Avery at Cameron's 3rd birthday party at Deer Lake.

All the kiddos at Cameron's party.

The birthday boy Cameron. This picture is totally him. Love this little man.

Loon Lake with the Todd family.

Just a few kids in the bow.