Monday, August 10, 2009

Lion's Head Rock Slides

We decided to hike to the rock slides at Lion's Head. It was about an hour drive north from our cabin, then about another hour plus hike. I hadn't been there in years & had forgotten how far the hike was (especially with 2 little ones) and how much it was worth it in the end.
Along the way.

We stopped here for lunch & the older kids ran around & jumped in all the pools. What a beautiful spot.

Some of the Dick McCray's Meg, Ann & Aunt Joan

My cousin Stephanie & her son Sam
Ravenna & Brooke

Ben, Sam & Brett jumping in one of the pools.
Sam, Hudson, Ravenna, Libby, Brooke & Angela
Crossing Lion's Head Creek....almost there.

Yeah....the slides!
You put a garbage bag around your bottom & go!
Ravenna & I getting ready.
Brett & Libby. The shallow pools at the bottom stop you. It's the best...soooo fun!

Hudson & Meg had a good ride!


Tiffany said...

Um, excuse me? I never even knew this existed! I want to go SO BAD! Can we please plan a day to do this with you guys? It looks awesome! I love how much you do with your kids outside. You are instilling such awesome habits in them as well as a love for the outdoors. Very cool!

Julie said...

That looks like SO much fun. It reminds me of Slide Rock park in Northern Arizona!

Allison Still said...

It has been so long since I have been there. A few more years and Lily will have a blast too.

Carina said...

Agreed, this looks like such a fun time!

Lexi Henry said...

Hey i went the rock slides last week end! it rocked!... and i think i saw you people at Cavana Bay(i dont know how to spell it) a few weeks 4 weeks ago!

Fawn said...

Your photos are great! We (my family and friends) went there this summer- it will definitely be a place we will go every year!

Sienna said...

I've been looking for this place! If I wanted to google map directions to get there, what should I type in? Thank you!

MTMC said...

HOw do you get to them?!