Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Ravenna Kelly Mei

Ravenna is three. Time sure does go by fast. Everyone always tell me that, but once you have children it really does. Ravenna was born in Xuwen, Guandong Province of southern China. Stephan & I often wonder how her birth mother could make such a choice. Ravenna was wrapped in old blue clothes, placed at the base of a telephone pole which was near the entrance to the town market place. We hope she made the choice knowing her decision would bring her daughter a brighter future than the one she could offer. So this is the role we as her parents will try to fill. Because of these decisions made thousands of miles away three years ago, we have our beautiful, fun, sassy, entertaining, loving, sweet, shy Ravenna Kelly Mei. How lucky we are.
Thanks to all who have given her birthday wishes, presents & attended her party here in Whitefish. We are so lucky for such wonderful friends & family!
On a side note. Ravenna's cute party invitation was done by my cousin in law Stephanie. She does fabulous, fun work, perfect for every occasion. If anyone would like her contact info ask me via comments on the blog.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A little of this & a little of that

We spent our last week in Spokane doing various things: getting together with family, watching the kids play, Ravenna & Hudson getting a ride from their grandpa, saw history in the making as Obama became president, watched Mason play basketball, Stephan got his stitches out, and I snuck in a little girl time. Thank you to my parents for hosting us for such an extended stay. We love you & had a wonderful time. Now we are back in Whitefish!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Muffin Top

This is how I am feeling today....just one of those days I guess.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Baby Demo Week

Over the holidays our friends Rob, Kristie & Delaney came back into town from Boise. Little baby "Demo" celebrated her first birthday at the carousel downtown & then on to Rocky Roccoco's for pizza. Then we had her baptism the next weekend at Assumption Parish. I was asked to be her godmother & feel so lucky. The kids had fun with all the celebrating & we even got Delaney out on her first snowmobile/sled ride in between the festivities.

Riding with Sami & Addi Zandt

Uncle Robbie & Delaney

The birthday girl

She liked it
The Christoff/Byrd families

Sweet girl in her family heirloom baptismal gown

parents & godparents

getting baptized

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jack Hudson Byrd

Introducing Jack Hudson Byrd. He is the second child of my cousin in laws Matt & Stefanie. We finally got over there to see his sweet little face. I think he looks a lot like his big sister Ruby....time will tell. Mom & baby are doing great. Makes me sad we don't live in Spokane any more. Oh well, it will just make us get together when we are in town. Congratulations on handsome, little Jack Hudson & welcome to the Byrd family.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Do you really need your achilles?

Stephan had his achilles repaired yesterday. You may think he recently injured himself. In reality the injury occured when he participated in a "turkey bowl" football game on Thanksgiving with his brothers & cousins. Stephan thought he had strained his lower calf muscle & could rehab it himself. So up until yesterday he has been hobbling around, skiing (twice), and snowmobiling for 6 weeks without his achilles tendon being attached.
Finally he saw a wonderful orthopedic surgeon here in Spokane this past Wednesday. He came in on his day off to repair this injury which is way overdue. He found his tendon had snapped back up under the back of his knee and left a 4-5" gap with nothing there. all I have to say about that.
My husband is now downstairs "laid up" & the pain is really kicking in. He has some good pain meds to help him along though. Keep him in your thoughts.

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year 2009 at Priest Lake

We rang in 2009 at our cabin with my parents & our great friends the Todd's. They have twin 5 year olds (Meghan & Bridget) and Emily Jean who is almost 4. We originally had big plans to be back in Montana celebrating with them over there. Plans changed though & it took some convincing to get them up to Priest. We prevailed & got them to stay for 3 days. Stephan & Tim did some late night snowmobiling. They headed back to the cabin after Tim accidentally found himself snowmobiling over water instead of snow. Candi & I went for a ride & saw a moose being rescued from the lake before I ran out of gas in my sled. Everyone enjoyed: all the snow, sledding behind the 4 wheelers, going for snowmobile rides, shoveling snow, laughing, movies, a cozy cabin & lots of food. The weekend brought lots of laughs & great memories with great friends.
Bathing beauties at the lake.

Nighttime snowmobiling with daddy.

All the kids playing in the snow.

The mommies & our kiddos.

The girls getting a tow from the 4 wheeler.

Bridget, Hudson & Meghan sledding behind the 4 wheeler.

The cabin & all the snow

Hudson & Emily
We also caught up with our friends the Pool's. Dad, Stephan, Matt, and a couple other guys went for a great snowmobile ride up to Sundance on Friday. Then we met up with them later that night at Millie's & then on to Hill's.
Deanna, Shannon & I at Hill's Resort

Matt & Stephan "ping ponging" at Hill's
Happy 2009 to everyone & your families. Let this be a year of change & success in new ventures.