Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Billings or bust!

We did a little exploring of this huge state we live in. I had a work meeting in Billings, so that gave us an great excuse for a road trip. We took a big loop, drove through every type of weather you can imagine, saw the most beautiful mountains & the biggest valleys. It really is the "big sky" state! We had a great weekend adventure!

Our first stop was Missoula to visit Uncle O'Neill & Aunty Marcy. This is a picture of Hudson & Ravenna on the stairs in their condo.

We stayed one night in Bozeman. Thank you to my cousin Robbie for getting us a swinging deal on a room at the last minute.

Hudson is in a HUGE dinosaur phase right now. So the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman was a must see for us. What a wonderful exhibit they have!

On our way out of the museum in front of "Big Mike" the T-Rex.

We were able to see some of Stephan's friends who live in Billings that we don't get to see very often. I had a great work meeting & we were also able to take the kids to the circus.

The best part of the trip was staying with these 2 fabulous people. Bev & Tom Gormley are the parents of Stephan's dear friend Dave from college. We had the best time with them. They spoiled the kids rotten as all loving grandparents do. Ravenna & Hudson were in absolute heaven. At the end of each day the adults would retire to the den w/ our drink of choice & talk about our day & life in general. They have the most beautiful & comfortable home. I loved it! Spending time with them really was the highlight of our trip! Thank you Gormley's, someday we will return the favor up at Priest Lake.

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Mark and Lori said...

my kids would LOVE that dinosaur exhibit - we must road trip soon! Your kids look very happy - what a blessing!