Saturday, September 11, 2010

June 2010

Summer came & went & so so did my blogging! Here is my first attempt to catch up month by month. Hope you all had a wonderful summer...we sure did!

My dear friend Colie & I won special vendor/VIP passes to my most favorite "The Farm Chicks" show in Spokane. Such a great weekend with a dear friend. We found many new & old things at the show. You are now a Farm Chick lady!

Awww...up at Priest for summer. Boat ride with their cousin Braden.

Humming bird outside Elkins Resort at sunset.

Good times on the tube.
In the "pirate cave" (that's what we call it) on 4 mile Island.

Our summer get most favorite place on earth.

Spending time with grandpa.

A morning snuggle with grandma.

This is year three for these hotwheel/motorcycles.....a great purchase!

Hudson has been loving the kayak this summer. He amazes me with all he decides to do when he puts his mind to it.


Tiffany said...

Looks like you guys had an incredible summer at the lake. How could you not? So awesome that Hudson is kayaking! Do you think he would teach me?


wow ..
found you guys by accident ..
amy .. there is another amy byrd
she is a glass artist ..

your family is beautiful
mo & the girls ...