Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Carroll College

We loaded up for another Montana road trip. I had never been to Helena & was looking forward to it, as it seems to be a "right of passage" in order to enter the Byrd family. They let me in the family though as long as I agreed to visit. We went to Helena as my mother and father in law received the Boromeo award at Carroll's Centennial Graduation Ceremony.

Eric & Tiffany at the Centennial Gala

Nick & Carina

All those in the Byrd family who attended the Gala celebration.

Eric, Ann & Angela

Another pic of all of us, solving all the world's problems.

LeRoy & Irene giving their award speech.

Danny & Ravenna

Danny, LeRoy & his brother Gerard

Hudson with his chocolate moustache from the chocolate fountain.

Ravenna & Aunty Lala

Hudson took this of Hannah, Eric & Tiff!
It was a fun weekend!

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Tiffany said...

You beat me to the punch with this one! I have got to get my post up about this! We had SO MUCH FUN with you guys over the weekend, especially late night! LOL!